Cam Ring

Cam Ring

The stator pump cover motor cam ring assembly is an important mechanical part that is widely used in various types of motors. It consists of the stator pump cover and the motor cam ring, and has key functions and functions.
First of all, the stator pump cover is an important part of the motor. It is located in the stator part of the motor and plays the role of protecting and fixing the stator coil. The stator pump cover is usually made of high-strength metal material, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It can effectively protect the stator coil from the damage of the external environment and ensure the normal operation of the motor.
Secondly, the motor cam ring is a key component of the motor, which is located in the rotor part of the motor and plays the role of transmitting power and torque. Motor cam rings are usually made of high-strength metal materials with good wear and corrosion resistance. It can fit closely with the stator pump cover to ensure the high-efficiency operation of the motor.

Cam Ring Used For Hydraulic Pump

The cam ring is a circular ring with a series of lobes or cams on its inner surface that interact with the pistons to create the pumping action. The shape and size of the cams determine the flow rate and pressure of the pump. The cam rings are made of high-strength materials such as steel or bronze to withstand the high pressures and forces involved in hydraulic pumping.

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